Footcall 2018 is go, Go, GO!

The good ship Footcall sets sail once again…

The Premier League is done and dusted, the Champions League has been decided so that leaves use just one big final football summer showcase… the World Cup! And you know that means We are back, bigger and better than ever and ready to embrace the biggest football competition in the world, if you're ready then let's go!

Here's our current Footcall Champion, Chris Sampson, who out performed everyone in Euro 2016 to scoop the top prize of £400 plus the honour of being our tenth champion. He's assured me he will back to defend his title and really make a charge up the Hall of Fame. Good luck Chris there'll be plenty of Footcallers eager to take your crown.

Once again we broke the record in 2016 with 194 entries, let's hope we break the 200 barrier this year. The same format as ever, why change a perfect system eh?, you predict ALL the scores for the Group Stages, points awarded for correct results and accurate scores, players compete in divisions as well as the overall league table. After the Group Stages are done you decide who you think will win the Knockout matches right through to the eventual World Cup winner. The final is on Sunday 15 July when our World Cup champions will be crowned along with our ultimate Footcaller.

Once again we shall be supporting the Angus Rowland ForgetMeNot Fund in aid of Bloodwise (formerly Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research) by donating 25p for every entry. Angus tragically lost his fight to Leukaemia at just 14 years old. Angus' parents, Jonathan and Elizabeth (along with their friends and family) have magnificently raised over £115,000 towards blood cancer research and they are rapidly pushing towards their target of £120,000. You can find out more about Angus' story

Of course I can't put on the Footcall show alone, Christine's help is fantastic, even if it's just allowing me to indulge myself in this spectacle for the next month! To all the regular Footcallers who have been such staunch ambassadors for the game, I salute you. And last but no means least, I can't do it without good ol Spencer Collins who takes care of the technical department backstage. Whilst I'm pressing all the buttons on the stage, he's pulling all the strings behind the scenes, if I'm Steve Jobs then he's certainly my Steve Wozniak. So what I'm trying to say is, if the website is broken, it's probably Spence's fault :-) but if you tell me about it I shall let him know and we'll get it fixed!

So that's enough off-field waffle from me, let's get to the action!
The World Cup 2018 starts on Thursday 14 June at 4pm with the hosts, Russia, taking on Saudi Arabia. You need to get your entry in well before the competition starts so that we can process your application so the cut off date for entries is Friday 8 June at 8pm, please put this date in your diary so you don't miss out. I shall remind you as often as I can before the deadline.


Come on Footcallers, sharpen your prediction pencils and get your entry in, tell your friends, tell your family, just tell random people in the street, Footcall is open for business.

OK here we go, deep breath, good luck to one and all may your world be full of three pointers!

Let's make it a good one...