1. You do not need to know anything about football to play Footcall. Just like the tournament on the field, Footcall is a game of two halves; the GROUP STAGES and the KNOCKOUT STAGES.

2. Complete the first part of Footcall by predicting the scores for all the GROUP STAGES matches. You must predict ALL the scores for ALL the Group Stages matches. To do this, you must login (or register) so that you can ENTER online, or if you'd like to see the fixtures before committing your entry online, you can download a blank FIXTURES FORM

3. Get your entry in with your £10 entry fee. Preferred payment is via PayPal where you will be able to use your credit or debit card (see RULES page for further details), however we also accept cash, or a cheque, however you must pay for your entry before the Footcall closing date.

4. Receive 3 points for exact scores or 1 point for correct results. The league and match reports will be published daily.

5. Cash prizes awarded to the halfway league leaders based on the number of entries.

6. When the Group Stages are complete, your points are carried forward and you will automatically receive notification to complete the second half of Footcall; the KNOCKOUT STAGES.

7. Predict who of the remaining teams left in the competition will go through each round. You must predict ALL the match winners right through to the team that will go on to lift the trophy. Forms must be completed before kickoff of the first Knockout Stages match.

8. In the Knockout Stages you receive accumulative points for correct result predictions, the match scores are irrelevant in this section of the competition. See the RULES page for the Knockout Stages scoring structure.

9. Prize money is based on the number of entrants and will be awarded after the final, with the overall winner receiving the title of FOOTCALL CHAMPION!

10. Click the RULES button for a complete breakdown.
  • "Thanks for organising Footcall once again. We thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of the competition last time and are looking forward to maybe winning a prize this year.” Bryan & George Relf
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