Footcall is great fun, but don't just take our word for it...
FOOTCALL: So good, it's even fun when you lose!
Melvyn Stringer
Thanks for the reports - really great as usual, I look forward to 2018 when the Footcall caravan parks up and sets out the best china on a chequered table cloth in Russia - let's hope England qualify.
Neil White
Footcall is an amazing game to play for all football fans alike. It gives a meaning to every game and the odd last minute goal or an underdog winning can make all the difference to your progress. We play as a family and it makes the whole tournament more fun as we cheer on different countries and celebrate goals from all types of teams! Footcall is a must and the endless work that goes into it has resulted in a fantastic, entertaining and professional package! Roll on 2018! Hope this is OK.
James Ridley
This is my first experience of Footcall and it has been great fun, but very worryingly I found myself urging Germany to overcome a two goal deficit and win a football match. What kind of monster has Footcall turned me into?
Darryl Farmer
I felt David's emails were fun to read and that he wrote with a friendly attitude which I appreciated very much.
Greg Church
Not certain what the Hall of Fame is. Not certain what impact the Divisions have on me. The daily reports ARE the whole Footcall experience for me. Hang the action on the pitch.
Tracey Beattie
First time I have ever been interested in anything to do with football. We have loved it and especially like the fact that our combined knowledge of football would fit on a stamp but we still came in the top 20. Roll on the next football thing whatever it's called!
Rachel Rowland
Very impressed at the way it all works and your total dedication.
Trish Bertram
I dug out my old Puma mouldies, banged off the 10 year old mud and, after the news of Barry's injury, patiently waited for the call from Capello thinking I could probably do a job, if called upon to come off the bench... the call never came, but my optimism was lifted when I received notification to once again take part in Footcall... the most fun you can have with football, without actually playing!
Neil White
Good laugh even though my parents are looking at finishing above me!
Nick Rowland
Congratulations on a well run competition, you can put my cheque in the post!
Lee Baker
I had always felt that I was different from everyone else. Ever since I was a young lad, people would stare at me and call me names. Eating dirt and being the school toast rack from an early age made me shy away from society. But now; now things are different. Footcall has made me understand the value of being an integrated member of society, Footcall has made me a man. Thank you Footcall.
James Vallender
As always, well run and highly enjoyable. Well done to all involved.
Colin Jessop
A good crack!
Richard Goodwin
My first attempt at this and it has been fabulous. This has kept me more focused on the matches and reading about the players and teams. I will have to start prepping much earlier for World Cup than I did for Euro.
Dan Schroeck
It's great! Even if my predictions aren't. When will it be available on the AppStore?
Nick D'Avanzo
Surely he or she who came up with the Footcall idea should be put forward for an OBE at the very least. My Cayman Island based financial advisor says this all looks like a Nigerian or Former Eastern Block interweb scam. Still what the heck... the Footcall top prize is worth all the risk!
Lyn Rennie
We really enjoyed taking part, thank you for all your efforts each night and the commentaries!
Christine & Nick Kotsonis
Well organised again mate, you can put my name on the trophy for the next one already!
Rob Pearson
Thanks so much for the detailed and funny match reports - a very good substitute for watching the matches when life got in the way of the Euros… It was also great to giggle over some supremely silly team names. And as ever, this is the best place to commiserate with other Footcallers on a) real teams’ performance b) Footcallers’ performance! Merci encore!
Hélène Wilkinson
Footcall gives you a real interest and a stake in the tournament, even after England have been knocked out. But best of all are the updates of fellow Footcallers' endeavours and the entertaining match reports that arrive in your inbox which will have you ROTFL.
Peter Mulvey
It was great fun and to win something was an unexpected bonus! Thanks so much.
Carmel Sutton
The effort and enthusiasm put in by David certainly rubs off and Footcall generates interest in the competition for me and not the other way round. The banter at work with so many playing Footcall is tremendous, keep up the good work!
Aaron Sutcliffe
Well done on another great competition. You really do feel involved in matches where England are not playing. The emails as always are topical and funny - must have been a journalist in a previous life!
Peter Mulvey
Never listen to anyone when doing your predictions! Thanks it was great fun!
James Parker
Despite being in the Footcall Hall of Fame I have been useless this year - bring on the next one! I must enjoy it though as I've taken part every year!
David Ginger
Just don't ask DJ where he finished. Touchy subject! Thanks for all your efforts and match reports David. Mostly rhubarb but amusing rhubarb! Count me in for the next one.
Iain Baker
Being a Footcall virgin I didn’t know what to expect. Registering was quick and simple and after submitting my results, all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the “Beautiful Competition”. Many thanks for a very professional and well organised competition, I will definitely be looking out for the next event, win or lose it was a very pleasant distraction from the day to day dull moments!
Andy Kirchell
Footcall transfers me from a 'footballers are a bunch of over paid, namby pamby, hoihty toihty, ooooh mind my hair idiots' into a 'I love football, football players and footcall - quick, where am I in the league?' Love it!
Jonathan Hill
Excellent value and lots of fun!
Chris Read
Thank you David for keeping Rachel occupied every evening for the last month. It gave her something to talk about (she's very quiet normally). I honestly don't know how you found the time to put in so much effort. Well done. All good fun.
James Rowland
Love, Love, Love It! You work so hard, and know that I really appreciate it. I love the fact that you come up with funny names for us all in the Footcall Roundup in the emails.
Joanna Mackenzie
I must say as a new participant in Footcall it has brought me more pleasure (despite my low league position) than the actual tournament itself.
Les Herbert
The daily reports are great I appreciate the effort that goes into producing these. Great sense of humour, really enjoyed it.
Manoj Gupta
I'd just like to say well done and thanks for organising a fantastic competition. It has really made it much more enjoyable with the added interest on all those neutral games. I'm sure we've all had some late and injury-time goals that have won and lost us points along the way. Finishing amongst the prizes has been a real bonus. Looking forward to the next one now!
Keith Firmston
Just a note to say thanks for inviting me to play Footcall - I loved it! It was great fun and it really brought out my competitive streak!
Kate Blake
I'm effing good - at coming last!
Simon Jenner
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