Here we go again... welcome to Footcall 2018

After the overwhelming success of Footcall 2016 (194 entries) we are back for the eleventh time to host Footcall 2018. Here’s how you can take part...


We need your score predictions for ALL the Group Stages matches by 8pm Friday 8 June 2018.

A. You can submit your Footcall entry by going to the ENTER page.

B. Here you will need to complete all the yellow boxes on the screen. Give us your full name and choose a team name, you can look at the HISTORY pages for some team name inspiration, just remember to keep it clean and no more than 30 characters in length (the management reserve the right to alter any inappropriate team names). Crucially we need a phone number in case we need to contact you and a unique email address for logging in to to check your predictions. If you enter a team and also submit an entry on behalf of someone else you WILL need to supply a different email address to that of the one used for yourself. We will send out notifications by text and those all important reminders to get your entries in. This is a completely FREE service and you can be assured that your number will not be passed on to anyone else.

C. You will then be guided through each Group of teams taking part in the tournament. All you need to do is fill in each yellow box with a score for each match.

D. Then make payment for your entry… Entry Fee is £10. The most convenient method is through PayPal where you will also be able to use your credit or debit card (see screenshot below for details). When you click the Pay For Entry link you will be taken to the PayPal login page where you can complete the transaction.

If you prefer, you can send a cheque for £10 made payable to David Jenner to Esquire Print Ltd, Diamond Works, Maidstone Road, Nettlestead, Maidstone, Kent ME18 5HP. Or you can pay by cash. Please note that entries that have not been paid by the Footcall closing date may not entered into the competition.

E. Once your entry has been received, your predictions will be collated and a copy will be emailed back for your reference. If you would like to alter your predictions or start again, you will need to get in touch via the CONTACT page to have your team deleted from the database so you can start over.

F. That's it for the Group Stages! All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the tournament (and Footcall) and we will keep you posted with results and league tables.


THREE points will be awarded for guessing the exact result of the game. For example, if you predict the first game to be Russia 1 v 0 Saudi Arabia and the actual score finishes Russia 1 v 0 Saudi Arabia you score THREE points for correctly predicting the right team to win and the correct score.

However if you predict the result to be Russia 1 v 0 Saudi Arabia and it finishes Russia 2 v 0 Saudi Arabia you score ONE point for the correctly predicting the right team to win but with the wrong score.

As there are no penalty shoot-outs in the Group Stages, it is possible for matches to end in a draw. If you guess the final outcome will be a draw i.e. Russia 1 v 1 Saudi Arabia and the result is Russia 0 v 0 Saudi Arabia you will receive one point. Of course if it finishes Russia 1 v 1 Saudi Arabia you will be awarded THREE points for guessing the exact score and result of the match.
All the Group Stages points you score are accumulated and carried forward to the latter stages of the competition.* There will be small cash prizes for the top teams at the halfway stage.


After the final Group Stages matches are complete on Thursday 28 June we then enter the second phase of Footcall... the Knockout Stages. When the Group Stages are over you will automatically receive a draw sheet showing the fixtures for all the 16 qualified teams right through to the Final. You are then required to predict ALL the forthcoming match winners from the remaining teams. That means ALL eight quarter-finalists, four semi-finalists, BOTH finalists and the OVERALL World Cup 2018 winner (WE DO NOT NEED THE SCORES FOR THESE MATCHES). If you guess that a team will go through to lift the trophy and they are defeated in an earlier round, you will sacrifice a lot of potential points, so choose wisely!


• You will receive ONE point for correctly guessing each of the EIGHT quarter-finalists. (8 points)
These must be eight teams from the qualifying quarter-finalists
• You will receive TWO points for correctly guessing each of the FOUR semi-finalists. (8 points)
These must be four teams from your chosen quarter-finalists.
• You will receive FOUR points for correctly guessing each of the TWO finalists. (8 points)
These must be two teams from your chosen semi-finalists.
• You will receive EIGHT points for correctly guessing which team will go on to lift the trophy. (8 points)
This must be one team from your chosen finalists.

TOP TIP > There are a total of 32 points available in the Knockout Stages so select your teams tactically based on your half way position.

It is YOUR responsibility to contact us with your predictions for the Knockout Stages BEFORE the Second Round starts on Saturday 30 June 2018 so there isn’t much time in which to receive your Knockout Stages forms back. Any late entrants may result in your team not scoring any further points in the competition.

THE FOOTCALL WINNER WILL BE THE PLAYER WITH THE MOST POINTS* AFTER THE FINAL. There will be several cash prizes based on the number of entrants to the competition.

* If in the event of a tie for points at the end, the person with the most number of THREE pointers in the Group Stages will win. If these statistics are the same, the player who accumulated the most points in the Knockout Stages will be the winner. If these again are the same, the player who amassed the highest number of points in the Group Stages will be decisive. If ALL these criteria are identical, the prize money will be shared but the title will be decided by the toss of a coin.

Best of luck,
David Jenner
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  • “I think Footcall has changed my life for the better. I won the lottery every week whilst it was on and I have received a lot more attention from more attractive women than I normally would. To top it all, I woke up this morning and could speak fluent Mandarin Chinese! Long live Football, long live Footcall." Neil White
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