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Before the final started, Stuart Acott was sitting at the top of the league by a solitary point. Little did he know that the Matt Clark in second also had picked Argentina to win. When the result was announced that the Argies had lost came in, Stuart's worst fears were realised but it wasn't Matt leapfrogging him, nor was it Dan Wilks or Richard Goodwin but it was little baby Amaia Borges Clark who predicted Germany to win and by so doing, she sneaked up on the inside rail to pinch the trophy like taking a football trophy from an adult!

Coincidentally, Amaia is the daughter of Matt (who dropped to 6th) and the German victory fell right into her lap and made her the 9th Footcall champion, not only that but at 10 months and 23 days old she is by far the youngest winner we've ever had, following on from Nathaniel Ridley who won two years ago at just four years old. What an achievement for such a young Footcaller as you can see by the delight on her little face. If we carry on like this I reckon the winner of Footcall 2016 will be nothing more than the twinkle in someone's eye!
  • "I turn One in August and I'd much prefer to enjoy my winnings now by having you guys spoil me a little bit more on my birthday... There's at least another 8 Footcalls before I turn 18 :-) I've had a great time playing Footcall and am already looking forward to Euro 2016, thanks David for all your hard work" Amaia Borges Clark
The German victory shook the top of the table good and proper. The massive eight points for picking Germany to win saw players make great strides up the table and also in the Hall of Fame. Amaia's win sees her pick up 10 HoF points and she is now joint 11th in the table.

Thomas Baus rocketed in to second, pretty good for his first Footcall, he also gets 9 HoF points. Seasoned campaigner, Jack Wakefield has yet again turned in a good performance to finish third and collects 8 HoF points which sees him in third place on the all time list of Footcallers. The turn of events saw Stuart drop to fourth and up into fifth from I don't know where (well Essex actually) is David Ginger just proving the Gingers do know their football, I'm sure he's going to love showing his mum his eighty quid prize fund. Matt finished 6th, then Kane (yo Broady check me out) Vanns finished 7th. Mike (Mike FC) Davies bobbed up into 8th whilst Dan Wilks dropped to 9th. Barry Smith secured 10th as halfway leader Richard Goodwin ended up in 11th. The final money spot was goes to Alex Smith, who I assume is a big Kilmarnock fan, as he finished in 12th. Sadly the very consistent Paul Firmston finished in 13th just outside of the money bracket but only on the number of points scored in the KO section.