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Before kickoff this evening, there were six potential winners in with a shout of taking the top spot. Of course that meant players having to choose a different winner from those above them and the odds of betting against the French appeared to be slim. I can announce that Chris Sampson did by the skin of his teeth manage to hold on to the lead and become the new Footcall Champion 2016. I did actually email Chris yesterday before the match but he declined to comment, although by that I mean he probably hadn't seen the email I had sent him! I do wonder if when Portugal had beaten his chosen team of France his chance of success had gone? But he needn't have worried as although he didn't know, his place was secure either way.

Only three players had selected Portugal to go all the way to the final and win it, they were, Joanna Mackenzie who climbed up in to 21st, Sara Borges who magnificently finds herself in 10th and the Player of the Day, Mr Neil "I can't believe my luck (again)" Jefferis who jumped from 17th place right up in to 2nd to claim the runner up place just three points behind Lee Baker. Neil has also cruised in to third place on the Footcall Hall of Fame which you can find on the website.

How the table would have looked had France won, who knows but it was great that we had some excitement to finish the show. So Chris wins the top prize fund of 400 quid but far more importantly than the money, he can lay claim to being Footcall Champion 2016 and nobody can take that away from him! Here's a full run down of the top dozen...

1st: The Isle of Carl - Chris Sampson
2nd: Wilshere Hart Be Enough? - Neil Jefferis
3rd: Bring It Home Boys - Lee Baker
4th: Jamackelyra - Jamie Sains
5th: Veni, Vidi, Vardy - Richard Goodwin
6th: Rocket Boy United - Jasper Dudson
7th: Witty Name XI - Jack Hennerby
8th: Baus - Robert Wrather
9th: Do Euro The Way To Sack Jose? - Graham Weaver
10th: Mummy's Minions - Sara Borges
11th: Darth Vardy - Matt Green
12th: Ischroeckedurmom - Thomas Baus

And special mention should go to my brother Simon and his team Failure Is Always An Option, who once again takes home the Vuvuzela to charm Esther and Reece with a new tune on the most annoying instrument ever created!

In the new Knockout Stages League, Sara Borges backing of Portugal see her take the top spot with an amazing 22 points, just one point ahead of Chris Sampson and Jo Mackenzie who share second. Robert Wrather, Nathaniel "Can I have a new football now Dad?" Ridley, Neil Jefferis and Carmel Sutton all share fourth place.
  • "I only decided to enter Footcall at the last minute, and never has a lunch break at work been more productively spent! I was riding high early on, but then fell back to 9th at the half way point. Then I started my resurgence in the knock out stage, only failing to predict the outcome of the England, and Wales matches respectively. Despite the best efforts of England to surpass their own poor levels of past performance, and of a certain Cristiano Ronaldo to get injured in the final (I had France to win), I held on for a narrow victory overall. Footcall certainly adds an extra dimension to following the tournament, I look forward to my defence of the title in 2018." Chris Sampson
Finally we have the 10 Division Winners for the highest placed non-prize money players all of whom qualify for free entry in to the next Footcall
Black Division: 2 Birds 1 Stones - Kathryn Rowland
Blue Division: The Champs - Sadie Colyer
Brown Division: Charles De Goals - Jamie Marshall & Ian Pope
Green Division: Home For The Bewildered - John McCann
Orange Division: Euro Lee Dreaming - David Blakeman
Pink Division: Help Me Obi Wan Kanobi - Andy Kirchell
Purple Division: Niraim - Gary Bowman
Red Division: Mrs Miggins Ate All The Pies - Carol Gerrard
White Division: Jumpers For Goalposts - Maxine Read
Yellow Division: The Glorious Tractor Boys - Darren Brame

Well done to all the winners for Footcall 2016 and a special thanks to everyone else who took part, if it wasn't for you, I'd be writing all this nonsense just for myself.

I'd like to give an extra special mention to Christine "Mrs Footcall" Jenner who has had to put up with the "Footcall Situation" (as Glenn would call it) for the past few weeks. I'm most grateful for her support every time we set the Footcall stall out. It might surprise you to know that she is the real football fan in the Jenner household and probably explains why she's so much better at Footcall than me!

Once again I've thoroughly enjoyed putting on the Footcall show once again, the 10th outing for our little competition. I hope you got a mention in one of my reports (and you were bothered enough to read it), if you didn't get a mention, you'll just have to do better next time. For all those that took part with very little interest in Footcall I hope I added a little something to your life, I was delighted to receive this wonderful testimonial from Janette "Bestofbritain" Rowland...

"I thoroughly enjoyed 'playing' Footcall. I have never taken an interest in football before so it was a life-changing experience! Roll on 2018, I only hope I'm still here to enjoy it!! Many thanks for ALL your time & work!”